Are you a beginners or a sports adept who want to improve its training or performance? The Espace Trail is for you! 


The Espace Trail consist of permanent trail tracks of 5 KM, 12.5 KM and 20 KM who permit you to train off racing and benefits of professional coaching to enhance your performance and endurance. The sessions will be organised on a quarterly basis with groups of 30 persons maximum to give you the best of personal advises.


Runners will have a choice between 2 programs (1 day or a week-end) especially prepared for you.


Immerse in the perfect atmosphere of the Chazal Ecoutourism Park at Chamouny. The endemic nature with a wonderful preserved fauna and flora along the Rivière des Galets is the perfect place to rejuvenate and refresh. 



Espace Trail session #1 | 15 February 2020

Venue | Chazal Ecotourism Park


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