Beach Rugby 

Rugby Tour

For the first time in the Indian Ocean, we are proud to announce a Beach Rugby tournament inter-islands that will be held through-out 2020 and 2021. In collaboration with Esprit Beach, Reunion Island and other collaborators, the Beach Rugby Tour will include 5 tournaments  which will be held in Mauritius, Reunion island, Rodrigues island and Madagascar. The aim & objectives of organising these tournaments are to develop the beach rugby and create a synergy. this is also a mean of  raising awareness about this sport in Mauritius and other islands. 


Beach Rugby Indian Ocean Tour | Program


1st Tournament  | Mauritius Island | 8 Mars 2020


2nd Tournament | Madagascar Island | TBC


3rd Tournament | Reunion Island | 12 September 2020


4th Tournament | Mauritius Island  | 12 December 2020


5th Tournament | Rodrigues Island | 30 May 2021