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Rugby Tour

For the first time in the Indian Ocean, we are proud to announce a Beach Rugby tournament inter-islands that will be held through-out 2021 and 2022. In collaboration with Esprit Beach, Reunion Island, Rugby Union Mauritius and other collaborators, the Beach Rugby Tour will include 5 tournaments  which will be held in Mauritius, Reunion island, Rodrigues island and Madagascar. The aim & objectives of organising these tournaments are to develop the beach rugby and create a synergy. This is also a mean of  raising awareness about this sport in Mauritius and other islands. 


Beach Rugby Indian Ocean Tour | Program


1st Tournament  | Mauritius Island |  Mars 2021


2nd Tournament | Reunion Island | September 2021


3rd Tournament | Madagascar Island | November 2021


4th Tournament | Mauritius Island  | December 2021


5th Tournament | Rodrigues Island | May 2021


Elite version

The Elite version will be open to franchised teams, structured to participate in as many stages as possible on the various sites and thus claim the annual Indian Ocean Trophy.

Business teams can also take part in the different stages and position themselves on the Trophy.


Challenger version

The Challenger version will be offered to new amateurs with possible progression to the Elite version.



Beach Rugby OI 2020 Registration Form.pd
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Beach Rugby 2020- Rules & Regulations (E
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