About us

Since 2006 up to now... for Sports Travelers and Mauritians

RACING REPUBLIC was born in June 2018 from a fusion between Running Mauritius and well-established Rogers Group subsidiaries-associate companies such as: Island Living, Veranda Leisure & Hospitality and Mautourco. This dynamic partnership, brought Racing Republic to the top leading sports events organiser in Mauritius. Specialised in outdoor sports events, Racing Republic focus on proposing the best experience of sports events in Mauritius to sports travelers and Mauritians.


Running Mauritius was the pioneer of sports events organisation since the first trail organised in 2006; the Royal Raid. The interest in sports events has considerably encountered a huge growth  and the island is being recognised on the international map for its tracks, landscapes and races. Running Mauritius created as well the Mauritius Marathon in 2009, the only Marathon of the island.